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Cruiser command is a cooperative map between two teams. Simply put, each team controls one battlecruiser and the goal is to kill the opponent's battlecruiser.

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 Post subject: Scorpion Missiles
PostPosted: Thu Apr 23, 2015 6:18 pm 
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So Scorpion Missiles are in a weird position right now...

2 things.

1) New Fire Missile Hotkey:
Ships can fire missiles, ok cool...I have been playing around with it for a while now, and the weird thing is is that people still dont often use missiles anyway. For me, i find that Scorpion missiles are pretty hard to hit other moving ships in the middle of combat anyways. Not that this point is really game-changing, i just wanted to note it because at first i was worried a missile hotkey would break the game =P (especially ship v ship combat, but it doesnt really seem to have dramatically change) but it kinda ties in to what im about to say later...

2) The Damage:
Scorpion missiles have been nerfed to hell. 20/20 damage (x15 split). Now here is the thing, scorpions get their real damage from the splits and not the missiles. The problem is its practically impossible to predict/change how many of those missiles will hit that the ship, either it does a significant amount of damage, or the cost for the damage is completely not worth it...and thats the problem, its random, you can barely change anything on how many projectiles hit it and it is essentially RNG at this point. Also to note, any missiles that go flying off have very little change of hitting another ship, and if they do, its only 1 missile that hits that ship...1, 20/20 damage which is very insignificant...(isn't the point of scorpion missiles is to do AOE?)

I Recommend a revamp of the Scorpion missile, to fill the roles of up front damage and AOE damage. I do want to keep the unique aspect of the scorpion missile. Splitting in to multiple projectiles from just 1 charge.

~~ The main missile: Ya the one that you fire, it goes out, hits something, then splits...lets change it. Now what it should do is 200/200 damage (keep in mind, only to hangar ships, and its still very hard to hit moving ships in combat even with the new hotkey).

~~ The Splitting missiles: 3 things - 1) if the main missile hits that ship, the split missiles will not hit it, they will just pass through (otherwise it would be OP, 200/200 is pretty big (though i think its a little low but will start with that))
2) These projectiles Home....yes, they have tracking abilities. The reason this idea is good is because more often then not, when a scorpion missile hits a ship, any split missile going away from it has a low chance of hitting another ship (because ships aren't tightly packed in cruiser command, especially in combat) lets get to the point, its frivolous, not game changing, 20/20 per split missile is still quite insignificant, but this just gives them more of a role in terms of AOE.
3) Increase Split Missiles from x15 to x16. Why? 1) inconsequential changes make me happy. 2) inconsequential changes make WhyteDragon upset. Which makes me Happy.

GG change scorpion missiles, right now they just have to much RNG damage to them. My proposition removes most of the RNG and retains the splitting missile aspect of the scorpion missile.

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