Cruiser Command

Cruiser command is a cooperative map between two teams. Simply put, each team controls one battlecruiser and the goal is to kill the opponent's battlecruiser.

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 Post subject: Minelayer healing Towers
PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 8:29 pm 
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Minelayers ~ ok so you know how you have those 2 abilities? heal shield heal hull, green and blue goo. ya lets change that. Its very hard to use the effectively mid combat as hitting a moving target with slow unwieldy projectiles WHILE moving yourself just doesnt work, and the healing itself isnt amazing either, you either just top off ships that dont want to dock to save energy or its used to spend 10 minutes healing a battlecruiser sitting right next to it waiting for your next energy to spam a little more....

I propose re-doing these sprays.
And turn them into a deployable turret (tower, i think it would be cool with a sensor tower)
It works much like a subjugator turret, it focuses on the nearest allied target and sprays it.
It can hit an enemy and heal it if that enemy is crafty, so be careful where you deploy your healing towers.

Upgrade the shield part (it starts with the hull regen, then adds the shield heal to coincide with hull heal like minelayers do right now) for late game so it can sort of do double healing when ships are more developed and have sheilds of thier own and the battlecruiser mid combat, which with the new bleedthrough system they will need both shield and hull regen.

Mechanics (ideas)
The minelayer can store up to 3 charges, deploy a turret and CD is 8 seconds, and to get a new charge is 30 seconds.
The towers have energy and health, so they can be destroyed, they should have low amount of energy, but high amount of regeneration, so it can burst heal at first but peters out into a more steady stream if your near it for a while (BC healing ;) )

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