Cruiser Command

Cruiser command is a cooperative map between two teams. Simply put, each team controls one battlecruiser and the goal is to kill the opponent's battlecruiser.

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 Post subject: Re: Weapons Console - Hull/Shield Damage Control
PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2015 3:21 pm 
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Dreadnought wrote:
The other issues still remain.
1) It makes lasers even more dangerous against small ships, they are already considerably powerful vs small ships (I think i made a thread on it)
2) It doesn't advocate teamwork. Really it just focuses on the weapons, a captain might call for a weapons guy to change his output, but its quite easy for a skilled weapons guy to call his own shots. With my suggestion, its a decision that effects the entire team, and it only lasts 15 seconds, with a cooldown of 35 seconds, and you cant have both at once, one or the other (PUSH THE DAMAGE, USE HULL DEBUFF WEAPONS BOY!)
3) The utility of it, youl have to create UI for the weapons console to show the X/X damage of weapons, also will it remain the same when you get off or reset to normal 12/12(+upgrades)? If it doesnt reset, will have to have to program the drone to revert back to 12/12 and its kinda impossible for a drone to properly use these abilities, while my suggestion is quite easy to do. Also, it only changes the settings by 1, it could be end up being like power where it takes forever to change, while that makes sense its quite annoying, especially when you also have to spam lasers, which would get in the way of spamming lasers, or near instantly which isnt as precise.
4) Drones cant really use it (unless there is some incredible solution on how they perceive threat). and its less straightforward for new players. For my abilities its quite simple and straightforward for new guys hopping on "Oh debuff shields or hull, cool." and "Oh...erm alternate damage? i doing it right?".

1. I agree.
2. Not everything has to involve teamwork. Having the weapons guy be able to think and make his own decisions is good and it makes the weapons console more involving, instead of spam right-clicking while watching a movie on your other movie (Been there, done that).
3. Yours is definitely easier to implement. Creating the UI for this one isn't that hard though. I could even make it with a slider to make it easy to switch between.
4. Would yours be easier to make the drone do? For your idea, there's two main ideas: Either: "I want to deal damage to hull" or "I want to deal damage to shields". The same ideas can be found in Whyte's idea and the same logic, whatever it is, could be applied to create the drone.

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