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5.3 published (All regions, except SEA and China)
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Author:  Siretu [ Tue Aug 15, 2017 3:38 pm ]
Post subject:  5.3 published (All regions, except SEA and China)

Patch notes:

5.3.0 Changes
- Reduced battlecruiser laser-based weapon range by 17%.
- Reduced battlecruiser kinetics weapon range by 33%.
- Increased battlecruiser's base core output from 145GW to 200GW.
- Fusion Core upgrade output increased from 10GW to 15GW.
- Small ships will no longer contribute energy production towards the battlecruiser while docked.
- Wraith
- Maximum energy changed to 250.
- Energy regeneration changed to 10.
- Fire Plasma Cannon energy cost changed to 8.
- Electromagnetic Projectile energy cost changed to 20.
- Cloak energy cost per second changed to 20.
- Miner
- Maximum energy changed to 250.
- Energy regeneration changed to 6.
- Turbo Jump energy cost changed to 200.
- Corvette
- Maximum energy changed to 350.
- Energy regeneration changed to 18.
- Fire Photon Barrage energy cost changed to 25.
- Chomper
- Magnetic Pull energy cost changed to 200.
- Minelayer
- Maximum energy changed to 300.
- Energy regeneration changed to 14.
- Lay Oppressive Proximity Mine energy cost changed to 25.
- Lay EMP Mine energy cost changed to 25.
- Subjugator
- Maximum energy changed to 600.
- Energy regeneration changed to 24.
- Quantum Surge energy cost changed to 50.
- Force Prism activation cost changed to 100.
- Plasma Automaton energy cost changed to 400.
- Destroyer
- Maximum energy changed to 500.
- Energy regeneration changed to 20.
- Quantum Bombardment energy cost changed to 150.
- Particle Zap energy cost changed to 50.
- Mining AIs will now no longer get stuck when mining asteroids close to their maximum mining range.
- The transition from the interior to exterior view of the battlecruiser is faster.
- Ships in the hanger now have expanded descriptions.
- Fixed a bug where kinetics damage to shields was improperly calculated.
- Added the Legacy of the Void and Nova assets.
- Small ships in the hanger now display 'Out' instead of the Cloaking symbol.
- The battlecruiser now always has a minimum speed of 4/s at maximum throttle.
- Enhanced Stabilisers total number of levels has been reduced from 5 to 4.
- Ionic Transfer now increases a ship's speed by 40%, as the tooltip originally said.
- Mining AIs will now utilize accelerate mining beam at 250 energy, rather than 400.
- Lobby starting time has been reduced from 20 to 10 seconds.
- The Leave Navigation button is now on the bottom right.
- The skybox no longer has asteroids in the background.
- Unexplored areas no longer hide the skybox.
- Fixed a bug that causes miner ping to have a cooldown longer than it actually is.
- The directions window will remember it's open/closed state between games.
- Tip alerts are cleared if you hvae more than 100 reputation.
- Fixed a hotkey issue with the E, C, Tab, F1-F6 keys.
- Kinetics bleedthrough upgrades now have 5 levels, up from 2.
- Kinetics upgrade resource cost changed from 75b 25r to 30b and 20r, scaling up by 10b and 5r per level. (b being Chalcorium and r being Pyromanite.)

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