Cruiser Command

Cruiser command is a cooperative map between two teams. Simply put, each team controls one battlecruiser and the goal is to kill the opponent's battlecruiser.

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 Post subject: The Missile AI
PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 2:49 pm 
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Yes Siretu i know you hate them, but they need to be fixed

What the AI currently does ~~
Takes as many missiles it can find on the BC (including missiles stored in the missile bays, as in the ones in the blue box waiting to be loaded when a missile is fired) and places the missiles in an empty launcher, and repeat, (though i think AI will prioritize missiles that are off the missile pads first). If all the launchers are loaded it returns to its original position and drops any missiles it was holding (possibly due to other missile AI loading missiles).

What it needs to do ~~
first move all missiles not on the missile pads on to the pads. And not bug out because a new missile is being loaded (say pad 1 just fired and loading another missile, and pad 2 had 3 missiles, the drone will try and take the 3 missiles from pad 2 and put them in pad 1, or it will try and take the missile that is in the animation of being loaded which tends to result in the AI completely bugging out D= )

What it can do ~~ (not needed but would be awesome!)
Sort missiles by type: if you have 4 preds 2 hellfire 6 sabers, it will load 2 preds in to 2 slots, and 2 hellfires in to another 1 slots, and then 2 sabers into another 3 slots.
Evenly Distribute missiles: when there are 48 missiles, the AI tends to get 36 on to the 6 pads, if no missiles have been loaded previously...but those 12 remaining missiles should be loaded evenly across the missile pads 2 each.
Advance Distribution and types: If i have 5 missiles in each pad, and i only fire from one slot (probably because i loaded only predators on that missile launcher and using them exclusively) then the AI will take missiles from other pads to even out the amount of missiles in each launcher.
Examples: (0-0-0 : 0-0-0) *Is amount sitting on hangar pads, not loaded in launcher*
(Beginning: 5-5-5 : 5-5-5 ~~ Launched: 0-5-5 : 5-5-5 ~~ AI sorts 4-4-4 : 4-4-5)
(20 preds 20 hellfire 33 saber not on pads, 12P-12H-13S : 12S-12M-12M (M = Mixture so that there can be an even amount of missiles as possible in each slot) )
That sounds like a really complex math equation, knock yourself out :twisted:

You merely adopted Cruiser Command. I was born in it, molded by it.

One day a wise man introduced me to this game. "It shall protect your virginity, my lad" he said.

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